Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Defeats Robert Guerrero To Remain Undefeated


Mayweather to delivery another magnificent fight last night in Las Vegas,NV at the World Famous MGM Grand as he squared off against opponent Robert Guerrero and he did proving he is still “Money” even at the age of 36.

Mayweather came out the gate focused to the tune of Lil Wayne’s hit single “No Worries” with Lil Wayne rapping by his side as he entered that ring and from the time the bell rang his approach was all about defense. Mayweather seemed different from start to finish in this fight. Not so much physically but mentally you could see a new man in the ring.

Floyd was spectacular with his quick feet and deadly swift right jab that seemed to be the true method to getting his 44th victory. Guerrero was fierce and not once did he back down from the challenge of fighting such a brilliant like Floyd but he wasn’t skilled enough last night to become the first boxer to solve the greatest riddle in sports today, how do you beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Floyd’s attitude wasn’t the only thing different about him during last night’s fight, he had his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. in his corner coaching him and instilling the defensive mind frame during the 12 round bout. His father had not been in his corner for the last 13 years as Floyd’s uncle Roger Mayweather has served as his trainer and mentor over those last 13 years but Floyd mentioned several times in his post match interviews that he deeply needed his father by his side for this one.

Floyd won the match by unanimous decision earning a purse around $32 million and still to this day no one an I mean no one can say they know what it takes to bet Money Mayweather. He also gave mention to being a new man largely due to being in prison for 72 days and being locked up 23 hours a day, something he said he would wish on no man.

Floyd could fight again in September but no details have been released yet.


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