Marijuana Facts You Didnt Know !

The first law in the American colonies regarding marijuana was a 1619 law that actually required farmers to grow the hemp plant


Meaning Back in the 1600 You Had To Grow Marijuana On Your Farm in Order To Even Be Considerd A Farmer …. After the 1960 is When Presidents Started Feeling Certain Ways Against The Use Of Marijuana … not because Of The Smell or The Looks , But Cause of The Amount Of Abuse … Marijuana Has Became One Of The Top 10 Ways To Legaly and ILegaly Make Thousands of Dollars … if im Not Mistaken 2010 Was The Year … Marijuana Was Decriminalized , Meaning Anyone Arrested Or With Possesion Of Marijuana Under An Ounce is Issued a Ticket By Law with a Fine of 100$ Or More … if PossesEd More Than An Ounce than Officer is Obligated To Arrest … sounds Fair Right ? NO …..

some people in this worl have the need to smoke weed …. i think scientificly everyonr has an explination for the reason why they Smoke Marijuana !

Why Do You Smoke Marijuana ?